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De Nintendo Switch is een draagbare spelconsole die via een dockingstation op de tv of onderweg kan worden gespeeld. Uitgebracht op 3 maart 2017.

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backlight without screen but full responsive

I accidentally put the screen ribbon cable the wrong way and a few golden pins fell from it ,can I fix it without replacing the motherboard (because it's so expensive) I need to fix it very soon because I bought a couple of games that need the touch screen (Nintendo LABO garage)

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It seems like you might have damaged the onboard LCD connector on the switch motherboard, the golden pins that fell out are probably those microscopic gold pin contacts on the motherboard connector. Unfortunately there is no way to fix the connector without replacing it if thats the case, meaning you would need the tools and skills to replace it. If you do possess soldering tools, including a hot air station, flux etc.. and are confident in replacing it go ahead and give it a shot. If not, I suggest giving the job to a local repair shop as you could further damage the console if you try yourself

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Your description is unclear as to exactly what's going on with your Switch. It sounds like you're talking about the larger of the two LCD ribbon cables, but I can't tell for sure. Is it this one?

Block Image

If that's the case, you have me stumped as to what you mean when you say you put the cable in the wrong way, and even more confused as to how you lost the golden pens (pins, I assume?).

I'd suggest you post a picture of the damaged part and then we may be able to figure out what you're talking about, because your description is just plain unintelligible.

Adding images to an existing question - iFixit Repair Guide

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yes that one, some pins are stuck inside so i can't put the ribbon cable inside. Sorry but i wasn't able to send a picture


@titansaleh Okay, so it sounds like the pins inside the connector on the motherboard are the problem. If the pins came off that, then yes, @stuig has the right idea that you'll need to get that connector replaced; unless you have some mad soldering skills that's really a job for a repair shop.


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