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Sony AC pack/battery charger for Sony cameras.

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Shorted Mosfets on Sony APC-80UC Power Pack

I have a Sony ACP-80UC AC Pack, that I am trying to use with its original Sony video camera. It shows no signs of life, other than it getting slightly warm after fifteen minutes. After taking it apart, I continuity tested the fuse, which was ok, and the two mosfets, which triggered the tester on every pin. The mosfets are labeled with SB60055L and C2335L56S. I can't seem to find them online, so are there some equivalents or ones that will work ok for this? Thank you.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Update (01/22/24)


Thanks! Here are some more higher resolution images. I am pretty sure that you got both right, and if you confirm these images, I'll go off to buy some parts.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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@wmf10 the second one was easy. It's an NEC C2335 and here is the Datasheet. C2335 NEC Take the data from that and search sites like and many others and see if you can match it up. Or you can use one of my favorites and enter the data to find equivalents

The first one is a bit tougher SBxxxx is a common designation for a rectifier. Any chance you can get a better image of it? Let us know how many legs it has and see if you can get a picture of the PCB where it is mounted as well as the bottom side of it.

Yours looks like a SB60-05 and here is the datasheet for that SB60 05J

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@wmf10 Q101 being C2335 and D201 SB60-05 will confirm our identification. while you re at it, I would also do a recap. I am somewhat certain that your capacitors may not be in the best of shape given the years they have been there.


Got it right. Thanks for the help!


@wmf10 you are welcome and best of luck with this repair.


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