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Tatung TAC-6G is a rice cooker and steamer.

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Turned on the rice cooker, light came on, but why it is not cooking?

Turn on the rice cooker and the light came on, but it is not cooking. I just replaced the cord with a new one.

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@jerryeverett why did you replace the power cord? Did the rice cooker work before that? What have you checked?


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  1. Was the cord installed properly?
  2. Is the heating element installed properly?
  3. Are fuses [if any] ok?
  4. I would focus on 2. because of how it is described.

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1.Yes! It is very simple to insert it to the outlet.

2. Not sure about that, but it should be because I never fooling around with it.

3. Unable to find the fuse. I hope I can upload the photo for reference.

4. Thank you!

Really appreciate your advice. You know. I may ended up seeking professional for assistance if I can find out.


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