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A gaming PC is a personal computer specifically designed and optimized for playing video games.

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Screen will pause and unpause

When playing games, it will pause and unpause quickly but still noticeable. I’ve updated all drivers and everything and problem still occurred. I thought it was my wireless network adapter but have updated that too.

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Hi @bprimmatgm24203

What is the make and model number PC or the motherboard if a custom build?

What is the make and model number of the GPU?

How much ram is installed in the PC?

Does the problem also occur when using an Ethernet cable connection to the router?

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Hi @jayeff sorry I’m replying so late but problem still occurs using a Ethernet. I have 16gigs of ddr4 running at 3600mhz. The motherboard is a gigabyte gaming v2 and my gpu is a gigabyte rtx3060 12gig. I hope this info helps.



I suspect you're seeing the effects of buffering

There are a few factors that could cause this so it may be a case of eliminating things until you find the cause.

The following are in no set order of preference. They are just all things can have an effect on how the hardware behaves. Gaming places a lot of stress on the hardware, more so than just web surfing etc so the more hardware that is available for the game to use from what is available in the PC the smoother it runs.

1.) Try lowering the video resolution slightly and check if this resolves it.

2.) Ensure that you have no other programs or tabs open whilst gaming. These impact on the amount of ram available for the game.

3.) Check in Task manager → Startup, to see how many programs are loaded on startup. A lot of these are necessary but some aren't and all they do is use up ram unnecessarily if you're not using them. You can disable them in Start Up (right click on the desired program → disable and then restart the PC in the normal manner for it to take effect. Doing this won't affect the program as it will still work when you want it to but may take a fraction longer to open. If disabling a program in Startup causes problems simply enable it the same way as you disabled it. To get to Task Manager in Win10, right click on the Taskbar.

4.) Check how many other devices are sharing your internet connection i.e. connected to your router either by WiFi or Ethernet when you're gaming. You only have so much bandwidth online and if you're sharing, it cuts down the amount available for you to use.

5.) You may have to check your internet download speed as it may not be just quite quick enough to cope with the games you play ensuring no pauses. You might have to think of an upgraded service. Not totally sure but usually 30Mbps download speed is adequate but maybe not.


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