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Reparatie-, demontage-, en probleemoplossingsinformatie voor Apple's neusje-van-de-zalm flagship-smartphone van 2023 die op 22 september werd gelanceerd. Het toestel bevat een 6.7" ProMotion OLED-scherm, een driedubbel camerasysteem met een nieuwe 5x optische zoom periscoop en 5G. Opvolger van de iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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Change iPhone 15 Pro Max back glass with different color of same model

I'm wanting to purchase the Back Glass assembly from the Apple parts site but am wanting to know if swapping the current one (Natural Titanium) for a Blue Titanium assembly will have any software-locked features affected, and if so, what to expect?

I'd be using a serial number from a friend since I know I can't order another color that's not of the same configuration as my own.

I'm assuming that just changing the coils from both assemblies will work around any possible issues but I'd like to not have to do that, if possible.

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I've seen an official document from Apple that specifically states there is a software lock on what they refer to as "Phone Rear or Mid System" for your phone. So I would say yes, you will run into issues, but I'm not clear exactly what those will be. Generally most locks generate warnings on your phone and/or limit minor functionality, but I'm fairly sure it won't do anything major like disable your ability to charge wirelessly.

@flannelist Alisha, do you have any further information on what to expect for a rear panel replacement?

You can also check out the iFixit teardown that specifically comments on software locks that were found.

iPhone 15 Teardown Reveals Software Lockdown

They specifically mention that changing the wireless charging coil will result in function loss, as in "Parts Pairing or Calibration Issue," as they put it.

So yeah, if you're really dead set on replacing that rear panel, you should probably assume you'll need to swap over the charging coil in order for everything to work 100% correctly. Of course, you could try it out first and see what happens; if there are issues you should be able to just put the original panel back on to clear them up.

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Thank you!

Yeah, I guess I overlooked that bit, honestly. Thanks for responding!

I saw some videos on YT mentioning swapping the coil and such for "best performance", so I'll assume the worst with Apple haha. I'll maybe do it in the future but for $180 I think I might wait a bit.


@jeremyreyes Of course, if you wait a while the aftermarket industry will eventually start putting out parts and you'll be able to get the color of glass you want at a fraction of the price Apple is charging.


@jeremyreyes @dadibrokeit I’m late to the game here, but I would say the iFixit report is probably the best reference here. But as a worst case scenario, it may come down to similar things that I’ve been seeing with iPhone 14 series.

The 14 and 14 Plus back glass has some sensor in the flex cable that causes a the ever popular “3 minute reboot loop” if there is a data mismatch. Hopefully you won’t run into that, but I never trust with Apple.


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