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Electronic doll produced by Wicked Cool Toys in 2017. The bear is able to move its LED eyes and mouth to ‘read’ stories to children.

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How to replace but also find battery contacts for my teddy ruxpin bear

Need new contacts in battery compartment

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Hi Brian,

That may take a bit of ingenuity, but should definitely be doable.

Since those are just four standard AA batteries, the contacts are probably going to be reasonably standard. I would probably start by taking it apart and removing the contacts so we know what you're dealing with exactly. If you can do that and post some pictures of what you find, I'm pretty sure we can find something that'll work for you.

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Here's about the best picture I could find of the battery holder.

Block Image

I'm betting you can pick up a battery holder from somewhere like Amazon or eBay where the contacts will be similar enough to work. Without more detail, this one here would be my best guess at something that might make a good substitute. You'll need to disassemble the contacts from the battery holder and transfer them to your Teddy Ruxpin. It may take a little soldering too, just as a guess.

Block Image DAIERTEK 4 AA Battery Holder with Switch 6V Battery Case Holder with Cover 4 Slots 1.5V AA Battery Storage Box with Wires Battery Connector -3pcs : Home & Kitchen

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