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Dell P2418D 23.8" 16:9 IPS Monitor 2560 x 1440,Black

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Why its give me Black screen with blue edges and vice versa every time

Black screen with blue edges and vice versa every time I turn it on

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Hi @bx44,

Can you view the monitor's OSD menu screens OK?

Have you tried using each signal input port i.e. HDMI & DP?


@jayeff It shows the same thing no matter how much I connect it to any device and it also does not show the OSD menu of the monitor


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Hi @bx44

The power board seems to be OK as it turns on and there's backlighting. You could always inspect it for any obvious component damage e.g. blown capacitors or heat stressed components etc.

I think though that there's a mainboard problem.

Here's a teardown guide that shows how to disassemble the monitor that may help.

Try replacing the mainboard (supplier example only) and check if that resolves the problem.

If you decide to do this, verify that the board you order has the same model number or part number as the original. Usually this is found either printed on the board or on a sticker on the board

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