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Yamaha P-115 digital piano features Graded Hammer Standard keyboard, which is responsible for high-quality and realistic imitation of real acoustic piano’s keyboard.

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My Yamaha P105 piano has keys G5 to C6 with no sound

my Yamaha P105 piano has keys G5 to C6 with no sound. How do I fix it?

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Hi @vincentkhoe

There is a single wire between the control board and the keyboard that is common to all the keys that don't work.

Here are some images from the service manual showing the path of that wire. It could either be a faulty or loose connection on the connectors that the wire passes though to get from the keys to the control board or perhaps one of the resistors that it connects to i.e. RA13 1K Ohm resistor (1-2) or RA11 22K Ohm resistor (1-2) is faulty.

Block Image

Block Image

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Wow ! thanks so much! I was looking at the wiring diagrams from another site and saw the N13 common connection. I went in to check that all connections were good but didn't go any further. Appreciate it ! Any idea about ordering those parts ? probably have to go in to check whether they are faulty first......



Check the connections, wiring first.

The wire is at one end of 3 cable socket/plug connections so it may be that it is just loose at one end i.e. not fully plugged in at that end or even a dry joint wire on the connector etc.

If you have a DMM (digital multimeter), you can use its Ohmmeter function to prove continuity from one end to the other i.e. G5 key switch contact to RA11/1 and RA13/1.

If one of the resistors is faulty there's a part list on p.76 (of 98) showing their part number(s) but I couldn't locate any when searching using the number. You may have better luck.


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