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The Xbox 360 is the second game console made by Microsoft, and was released November 22, 2005.

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XBOX 360 4 Red Lights


My xBox recently showed 4 red rings around the power button and the picture was awful. I have tried a new Component cable and an HDMI cable but it makes no difference. I have flushed the cache holding the sync and power buttons down as I turn the system on with no difference. Can anyone tell me what the problem might be. I have a normal xBox fix kit to do the 3 lights issue, would this fix the 4 red light issue as well?



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xbox 360 e series without hdmi or av cable console start but when plug hdmi or av cable it shows rrod i also try to sync and eject to find a code but no error code i also try to press and hold sync button than power then release power button start console plug hdmi or av comes rrod


reseated the hdmi cableand took off hard drive. i booted right up. Once booted i put in the hard drive and the system rebooted itself, cames right back up


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Four lights around the power button flash red on your Xbox 360 console. Four flashing lights indicates that the console does not detect an audio/video (AV) cable. Make sure that the AV cable is correctly connected to the Xbox 360 console. Disconnect the AV cable from the Xbox 360 console, and then reconnect the AV cable to the Xbox 360 console, from here I know you already tried all that but do wanted to add it for completion sake.

If the 4 red lights continue to flash, try wiping the metal area of the AV pack with a dry cloth. The metal area is the end that plugs into the console. Wipe the metal area thoroughly, and then try the AV Pack again. If the AV cable is correctly connected but the four red lights are still flashing, substitute a different AV cable if you have one available.

Flush the cache memory by following the steps below:

-Shutdown your Xbox 360 console

-Press and hold the SYNC button first, then press the POWER button together.

-When your console reboots, let go of the POWER button BUT keep on pressing the SYNC button

-When your console has completed rebooting, all cache memory will be flushed.

from here. But, that is a pay site and all the information is available in the public domain.

Check on here for further information and how to determine secondary error codes and see what you come up with. It is my gut feeling that you do have an overheating problem (but try the easy stuff first) If your error is caused by overheating, the kit should fix it. Of course make sure that your Xbox is not covered by warranty or anything like that. You would not want to void it. Also make sure that you clean it well of any dust and obstruction and that you provide good air circulation to prevent any overheating issues.

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Unfortunately the only other step you can really take on that system is the RROD heat reflow trick on the system. I know from your description that your component cable has been tested, but the fact that you get any picture at all is very curious. The 4 lights are an indication of weak or no video signal (generally no signal), as I am sure you are already aware of, but I do have to ask if you have tried the console on another television to see if there is any difference.

More drastic measures entail you replacing the motherboard and spoofing your dvd drive, which is not fun without the proper equipment and still costly leaving some people to go to the final step of replacing the system. Some resellers are nice enough to package the motherboard and the dvd drive daughter board together for around $50-60 so that you do not have to take the time to spoof your original drive. Just make sure that you get the right one to match your system.

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For me, it showed the red ring of death. I plugged the power cable out and then back, It worked normally.

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Try a different tv/cord hooked it up to my dads tv and it was working fine except for the stretched image

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