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Hulp bij oplossen connecting probleem sonos one

Sonos one geeft enkel een langzaam knipperend licht. Reset naar fabrieksinstellingen werkt niet. Speaker is niet zichtbaar. Begon na wifi router problemen tijdens updaten.

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@daniels47342 let us know if the light has a different color. Sonos producates have a lot of issues with updates etc. I would try to connect it to a different WiFi network, or a mobile hotspot and see if that works. It is possible that your One is not getting its IP address from your router.


@daniels47342 laat het ons weten als het licht een andere kleur heeft. Sonos producten hebben veel problemen met updates etc. Ik zou proberen om hem aan te sluiten op een ander WiFi-netwerk of een mobiele hotspot en kijken of dat werkt. Het is mogelijk dat je One zijn IP-adres niet krijgt van je router.

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@oldturkey03, thank you for your response. The white light is slowly flashing (same as when trying to connect). Reset does not change anything, direct wired connection to internet/router doesn’t fix the problem either. The sonos just slowly flashing white. Also it is not showing in the app. Do you have any suggestion? Thanks!


@daniels47342 it just does not seem to connect which would also be responsible for this "not showing in the app". Sonos :-(

I know this sounds crazy but do you think you could take it to friends or family member and try to connect it to a different Network.


@oldturkey03 Yes indeed, it seems like it. Already tried to connect to another router, wired and with wifi. :(


Also spoke with Sonos helpdesk, they offered to change the speaker to a new one with a 15% discount 😖. In the Netherlands some shops say they can repair the speaker, but it will cost €100. It is not worth it. And i would like to solve the problem by myself.


@daniels47342 Same over here in the USA. Sonos does not repair this device but replaces them :-( what a waste. I wonder if this could somehow be repaired by replacing an EEPROM etc. Are you, or do you have friends, that are handy with possibly repairing a circuit board? Or at least trying to.

I dislike waste and to throw thing away that could possibly be fixed.


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