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It turns on but doesn’t start spinning

I turn it on and it boots up just fine and allows me to select all the options like it normally does, but when I hit start it it doesn’t spin or heat while the timer goes down. Is there a way to fix this? (Model is MAYTAG BRAVOS quiet series 300)

Update (12/28/23)


The model number is MEDB400VQ0

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Hi @freddieace

What is the model number of the washer?


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Hi @freddieace

Here's the tech sheet for the dryer.

Run the diagnostic tests as described in Sect. Activating the Diagnostic Test Mode on p.1 to see what fault codes (if any) will be displayed.

The fault codes, their meanings and possible causes are shown on p.3

Hopefully this is of some help.

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Hello @jayeff

I just followed the instructions and it put me into diagnostics mode with the code F30 flashing. Under it’s instructions it says that F30 is a restricted airflow condition code and I have made sure that the lint screen is clean, the door is closed properly and that the airflow vent line is as unobstructed as it can be. However it still gives me the same error is there anything else I can do?


Hi @freddieace

I wonder if this error is just because the motor hasn't been turned on therefore no airflow detected.

Did you happen to press the "Start" button to enter the diagnostic tests?

If not then perhaps it could be a faulty button or control panel

Try entering diagnostics by pressing the start button.

If that works try Activating a Manual Load test (see p.2) to check if all the components listed by the test still work.


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This could be related to a faulty lid switch or a bad control board. You can enter diagnostic mode on your washer to learn more about what might be going on and go from there.

Watch this video to see how to open your unit up:

Once you have the top opened up, there should be a technician data sheet inside the front panel, look over that first and it has a diagnostics test you can run for error codes.

As @jayeff mentioned we need the model number to get more specific.

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