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Computer mice manufactured by Microsoft.

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Bad click switch on mouse. Need part.

Do you have replacement click switch for your Microsoft mouse?

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I asked YOU if you have a part for Your Microsoft product.


I do not want to be mean; but you all at Microsoft are not the sharpest marbles in the drawer.


@kendoty32367 This is not Microsoft.



ifixit has no affiliation with Microsoft.

It supplies parts mainly for mobile phones (click on the Store → Parts link at the top of this page to see what it does supply) and also hosts this free platform where people can ask for or give repair advice on how to repair things themselves



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Hi @kendoty32367

Unfortunately ifixit doesn't carry these switches.

Looking at the ifixit Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical 1.1A Microswitch Replacement guide, they replaced the switches with Panasonic EVQ-P0E07K switches.

If these look similar to what the switches are in your mouse, search online for Panasonic EVQ-P0E07K to find suppliers that suit you best.

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