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Repair and information guide for the Frigidaire Freezer FFFU13F2VW—an upright, standard door, compact freezer with automatic ice maker and defrost, introduced in 2019.

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Freezer is frost free, and it defrosted

The freezer was over full and no air circulation so it defrosted and now there is a tray in the back on the bottom in the right hand corner that has coils in it that’s full of water. How do I remove it? The water is evaporating, but it stinks and I’d like to clean it.

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Hi @shirleypenachio

Not totally sure with your model but with other Frigidaire upright freezer models you have to tilt the freezer back against a wall so that you can access and remove the drain tray from underneath at the front of the freezer. It most probably will be bolted on.

Disconnect the power to the freezer and make sure that it is empty before tilting it back. Place a towel etc between the wall and the back of the freezer at the top to prevent any damage to either the wall or the freezer and make sure that it doesn't slip forward, due to the angle it's on, once it's in that position.

Given that there may be water still in the tray you might have to soak it up as best you can before tilting it back so as to prevent too much spillage onto the floor

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