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Freezer section getting up to 60 degrees.

I have a Hotpoint Top freezer model number HTS18GBSARWW. I recently moved, and now the freezer section gets warm. I monitor it with a wireless system. I switched the sensors, and they will show the same thing. I'm having temperature swings from -5 to 60. I have no idea how long it stays at this temperature because I can never catch it. Whenever I look at the monitor, it shows the freezer functioning normally.

I am not sure this changes anything. The freezer is empty because I never put food in it.

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Hi @justinbrow56,

Check how long the compressor motor has been stopped for when the temperature is 60°F e.g. ~10 minutes, 25 minutes or longer.

I'm guessing that the freezer temp rises to ~60°F approximately once every ~8-12 hours after the compressor has been stopped for 25 minutes and then the compressor is started again to drive the temps back down again to the set operating temp.

If so then this appears to be normal, unless the food starts to thaw, then if it does, it is not normal and something is wrong.

You can check this by placing a glass (bowl?) of water in the freezer and then once the water has frozen solid, place a coin or similar object on top of the ice in the glass and then the next time that the temp has shown it was 60°F check if the coin has sunk to the bottom or if it is lower in the glass than when it was first placed there. If not then it was only warm for long enough to melt the ice on the evap unit (the heater is directly under it) and it didn't affect the frozen food in the compartment.

There's a defrost timer in the refrigerator that will initiate a defrost cycle after every six hours of accumulated compressor run time. The defrost cycle lasts for 25 minutes.

6 hours of accumulated run time is not the same as 6 hours of elapsed time. The amount of actual time it takes to get to 6 hours of accumulated run time depends on how often the compressor is running and for how long it is on for each time (compressor on/off times are regulated by the control thermostat i.e. when temp is above upper set limit turn on, when below lower set limit turn off)

For example,. overnight it will run a lot less and for shorter times than during the day when the ambient temp is higher and also the doors are opened more often, meaning the cold air lost through an open door (or the warmer air that entered through the open door) would need to be cooled back down again to be within the preset limits of the control thermostat.

During a defrost cycle the compressor and evaporator fan are both turned off, and the defrost heater is turned on to melt the accumulated ice off from the evaporator unit inside the freezer compartment. The meltwater then drains to the evaporator pan under the compartments to evaporate naturally.

Normally all of the ice would be melted before the allotted time for the cycle and if the temp in the freezer near the evaporator unit rises to 64°F then the defrost thermostat would operate to open the defrost heater circuit to prevent any damage from occurring to the evaporator unit.

At the end of the defrost cycle time, the defrost heater is turned off, (if it hasn't already been turned off by the defrost thermostat) and the compressor and the evaporator fan are both turned on again, to drive the temperatures back down to the set operating temperatures.

If the compressor and evaporator fan are off for longer than 25 minutes then the problem may be the defrost timer. If it is faulty, search online for the manufacturer's part number only, to find suppliers that suit you best.

If the temperature near the evaporator unit rises above 64°F and the defrost timer is OK it may be prudent to check if the defrost thermostat is OK. Your model thermostat should open at 64°F and close at 23°F.

Here's a video that shows how to test bi-metal defrost thermostats that may help. If it is faulty, search online for the manufacturer's part number to find suppliers that suit you best. Allow a few degrees leeway between what your thermometer registers and the thermostat as not all thermometers will show the exact same temp ;-)

The supplier links above is only to show the location of the defrost timer and the defrost thermostat, the manufacturer's part numbers and their possible cost.

Here's the mini manual for your model refrigerator, that may help if it is a wiring problem.

WR50X10071 - GE Refrigerator Thermostat Afbeelding


WR50X10071 - GE Refrigerator Thermostat


WR9X502 - GE Washer Timer Afbeelding


WR9X502 - GE Washer Timer


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