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An Android smartphone announced by Vivo in June 2016.

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My phone battery is no powering on my phone

When ever I plug in the clip on the phone it refuses to power on

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@abdulhanna86368 by clip you mean the battery connector? Have you tried a new battery? See if you can clarify this for us.


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@abdulhanna86368 it becomes important that you clarify your question a bit. In the meantime I suggest that you at least try a basic troubleshooting and tell us what happens when you do this.

First you want to check your power supply. Make sure it has the proper voltages. Check to make sure connectors are not bend etc. After that, check the charging port. Clean it of any debris etc, use a few puffs of air to clean it out. After that you can try an inline ammeter to see if your phone tries to draws any amperage from the charger. After that, you would need to check the board side of the charging connector as well as the power flex etc.

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