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Televisions made by the Chinese multinational electronics company, TCL.

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TCL 55S401issues: from dark, to glitches to now topsy-turvy screen

A year ago this unit went darker on left side of screen; like a black blotch floating across screen. Left unplugged for a few days and problem went away.

This past June, this started:

. Went away after few days and unit remained stable until last week when this started occurring:

Block Image

. Lower half of screen displays flip/mirrored mirrored image along with while screen being darker.

Is it t-con or main board related? Any input appreciated. TIA

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Just an update. TV ran fine since last post, then earlier this week glitched as previously described for a few moments then ran stable. Today after a few hours of viewing problems came back and remained. Swapped t-con and so far so good.


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It's possible that some components are aging or rusting leaving it off few a few months allowed it to return to normal but returned when electrical charge flowed through components. Should be a tcon problem as it is still displaying. Possibly solder points coming loose.

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Thanks for the response. In looking at all the boards I see nothing that jumps out to the eye. I've matched the part numbers at shopjimmy site (ordered complete kit) and will start with t-con board swap.


"leaving it off few a few months..."

I should note it wasn't left off for a few months, but just 1 or two days. Then worked flawlessly.


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@ic1 this is not a T-con board issue. Check your video and watch the fade on the left side. "like a black blotch floating across screen" The T-con board can't do that. You can check the video processor on your main board and see if that gets hot. Also, check all the ribbon cables for corrosion and tears. After that, check the "long, skinny boards" that connect to the LCD panel. Those are the driver (scaler) boards. Check for bad cables, corrosion, tears, burned or missing components. Be careful around those boards. they are not replaceable by a DIY'er and only connect via those "flimsy" ribbon cables.

Try to keep the back cover open and have a fan etc. blow some "colder" air across the boards. See if that keeps the TV either running longer before this comes back or if it makes no difference at all.

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That black floating blotch occurred over a year ago when left side of screen wold go dark. It went away and returned earlier this year with that glitching seen in the posted video. Right now, whole screen goes dark after few minutes or hour run time and upside down image takes over whole screen.

I just let it run from cold boot and with normal screen. Few minutes after switching to an HDMI input, dark upside-down image again (note this can occur with no devices connected to the unit).

The VP on main board barely warm, and all cables intact, like new. As for the driver board, I have not pulled off backing on them yet. The ribbon cable from the t-con looks good and right now I'm concerned about pulling them in non-destructive manner. Holding it off till I receive board replacements


@ic1 sounds like a plan. Let us know how the new boards work out for you.


Parts now in hand, but the TCL, which is off mount and left running without any inputs, is picture perfect. Going to pipe some signals into it, wait for failure, then swap one board at a time to see if it resolves issues.


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