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Toyota's 7th generation pickup, but first generation of the Tacoma branded truck designed specifically for the American market. Featured brand new sheet metal, new frame, fresh suspension and three new powerful engines.

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Why does my motor over heat?

My motor overheats even with a new radiator, thermostat, heater core, and water pump. Is it a blown head gasket?

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Hi @cnxxl8xr7fts3vp,

Are you losing coolant anywhere?

Is there white smoke coming from the exhaust or is there coolant in the oil (check the dipstick) indicating a head gasket problem?

Have you checked the radiator hoses are OK? Soft or spongy feeling radiator hoses could be an indication that they are failing internally or even worse may have collapsed causing a restriction to the flow of coolant around the system.

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Also would be worth while to check the cylinder heads for any cracks. If there is a crack, you might be able to see coolant or oil leaking through the crack depending on size of the crack. Toyota cylinder heads are made from aluminum so when the motor overheats, it is possible for the heads to develop cracks.


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