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Repair and disassembly information for JVC televisions.

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Horizontal line ONLY on some colors?

I have a JVC SI50UR 4k Roku Tv with a weird issue, there's some horizontal lines, but it only shows up with certain colors or shades, not on all the images

It spans the whole lenght of the panel, but it's only noticeable on those colors moving towards reds, like orange, but not towards blues

Block Image

Block Image

Lines are more or less noticeable depending on what's on the screen, for example, that's a dynamic background, the line is more or less noticeable depending on the amount of falling snow near the area

Tried power cycling the device only, but somehow I doubt this is a software issue?

I haven't read about this problem in other TV sets, it's always the usual vertical or horizontal lines but I can't find discussions about this one

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@bfmike we need you to try a different screen, something that does not have those colors. What I am considering is, that this is not related to the color Blue, but related to this being part of the background menu. The lines may only show on items that are produced on those items. In that case, it is possible that this is a memory issue. A mainboard replacement or reflow of the GPU could possibly repair this.

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