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The Kenmore Elite HE3 is a washing machine by Kenmore.

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getting the door open

My kenmore HE3 elite has an F02 error code. I'm trying to get the front door open to get the clothes out as there is water in the drum still because it won't drain or spin. Is the door probably electronically closed? I may have a blockage in the coin trap but I don't know. Any way to get the door open with a load of clothes in there and water still in the drum?

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Kevin, here is my answer to a similar question at

""check or repair the following

Door Lock Mechanism broken or removed from the Door

Check Door Lock/Switch Assembly

Check the wire harness connections to the Door Lock/Switch Assembly and Central Control Unit (CCU)

Door Lock/Switch Assembly Failure and have more on this.

Here is a way to gain access to your washer if the door is locked shut.

1. Remove the lower panel under the door by loosening the three screws under the bottom edge on the front of the washer. HINT: If you prop up the front feet of the washer with some small blocks of wood, this will make access to the screws much easier.

2. With the screws removed, the lower panel should drop down then come off. If the panel sticks, a light tap on either side will knock it loose.

3. Reach your hand up inside the washer behind the front casing on the right-hand side. This is where the door latch assembly is located.

4. At the bottom of the door latch assembly is a small pull tab. This is the manual release for the door. Pull the tab straight down and the door will come open.

Sometimes these doors will not unlock for whatever reason. If there are no error codes being generated, this could have just been a momentary glitch. If you see "Fdl" or "Fdu" error codes, these are usually indications of a failed door latch assembly and will require replacement. You can also try to reset the CCU by unplugging the washer for AT LEAST 30 minutes." Hope that helps.

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My washer door want open and there still some water in side. The washer comes on but it want drain.


dannettescott you've tried to open the door as stated above ?


This was totally helpful! thank you!


Whatta way to go! Thanks for the help.


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Had the same problem washer quit working lights all out door would not open. Unit is pluged into a GFI w/a small led to indicate power is available. After fighting to get the washer to reset andunlock the door I checked the breaker it worked as did another out let in the room. Finally unplugged the washer and using a heavy duty extension cord I plugged it into a different out let. Snap click hum the washer was starting up. I stopped it removed the clothes and let it run a full cycle. Only problem was a broken GFI. Now runing a load and nearly done. Test your outlet!!

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Thanks for the tips guys I was reading your comments and The lastComment I read said something about power so I plugged it in extension cord to a different outlet Because that was the easiest thing to check first and click boom It started up running lock will lock And will stop Drain and open with no problems now So if you have a error code F 11 or fdi check the power before replacing the locking mechanism will save you a lot of time and money Glad I was reading the posts thanks again buddy hope it works for y’all


Stuck door:

The washing machine finally stopped flashing F21 and shut down on its own after 1-4 hours. I was gone when it stopped draining, so I don't know how long that was. I probably could have achieved the same result by unplugging it. Then I was able to open the door, put the clothing in a large bucket, and hand wring each item as I hung it outdoors to dry, since I didn't want to put the load in the dryer. It's hard wringing out jeans! Thankfully, it quit at the last rinse cycle. I added a little bleach to the water since it's going to be sitting there for 2-3 days while hubby is out of state.


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