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Guides and repair information for Packard Bell laptop computers.

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Packard Bell EasyNote LK (VAB70) - blue LED but not display

Hello, I have a Packard Bell EasyNote LK (VAB70) laptop that is not booting.

It does charge the battery (red LED); when I press the power button there is a blue LED, the DVD drive moves, after a while the fan is spinning but that's it.

I tried a few things:
- reseat the screen connectors (both behind it and on the motherboard)
- remove the DVD drive, HDD, wifi card, coin battery
- reorder the RAM sticks - both work fine on another laptop and checked with Memtest86+
- connect an external monitor (HDMI and VGA), with and without the LCD panel connected
- shine a light in case the backlight was dead

I don't have its history; the motherboard does not seem to have water damage, what else could I try?


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Hi @misscat,

Did you try to reset the BIOS by removing the main battery and the RTC coin cell battery and then press the Power button for 30 seconds, reinsert the RTC and main battery etc and check if you can get into BIOS OK with a display - press F2 on startup?


@jayeff I tried your instructions but the screen is still blank, I guess it means there is an issue with the BIOS?



BIOS or motherboard.

What is the model number of the motherboard, (printed on board itself)?

Without knowing its history it will be difficult. Does it have a removable CPU? It could even be a faulty CPU who knows

Knowing the motherboard model number may help to find the schematics (if hardware) and the BIOS.bin file (if software) to find out what's wrong

If software you will need a programming tool to reflash the BIOS chip.


@jayeff sorry for not replying sooner - I was able to reflash the BIOS chip (unfortunately downloaded from unknown sources, the Asus website has nothing to download for this model). I tried with v1.03 and v1.10 but still nothing.

The CPU is soldered; here what's written on the motherboard:





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Hi @misscat

Here's the schematic for the motherboard that may help.

Go to p.58 to see where you can check if all the voltage supplies on the motherboard are OK.

Other than that you may need to get a compatible laptop diagnostic analyzer POST test card (examples only) that you can plug into the laptop's HDD port or WiFi card port (if there is one) to see what errors are seen on startup to know what the problem may be.

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@jayeff thank you! I'll check this during the weekend, I'll keep you updated.


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