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Televisions made by the Chinese multinational electronics company, TCL.

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Black screen but LEDs tested good. What do I do now?

I have a 43S431 TCL TV. I took the tv apart and tested all the LEDs, they all worked individually at 6 volts as well as simultaneously. I plugged the tv in to see if a miracle happened and they wanted to start working, well they come on for half a second then shut off. I’m assuming it’s one of the boards now? But which one and how can I test them? The photo I provided is the voltage from the LED strip going to the power board and the volts on the voltage meter is what I get whether the tv is on or off. It only changes for the split second that the LEDs turn on. TIA

Block Image

Block Image

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@nightowl79812 what I hear you saying is, that the voyage to the LED's never changes. Let me know if I got that right if not then you want to explain that a bit better. If you have that voltage, your Backlight should actually come on. The only reason why it can't come on is if there is a failure in the srip, not necessary the individual LED's. Next you want to check what voltage you get when you disconnect the LED's and just measure the board connector. Since you already checked the LED's, let us know how many strips your TV has.

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