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Honda introduced the third-generation Odyssey for the 2005 model year. It grew in width and weight but retained the previous generation's length and interior space.

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2005 Odyssey that just lost reverse lights.

I have a 2005 Odyssey that just lost reverse lights. Bulbs not the problem. Fuses and relays seem to be OK. Should I go into Rear MICU. I did have water on my taillights a year or so ago that I took apart and resealed and sealed the seams in the liftgate. I am just terribly frustrated at the moment.

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Hi @jonthommarson,

Did you check with a voltmeter or a test lamp whether the power is getting to the lights? Not sure as you just said that the fuse and relay seemed OK. Also check that there's a good earth connection for the lights.

Here's an image from the Honda Odyssey 2006-2009 repair manual showing the wiring diagram for the backup lights.

Hopefully it is the same for the 2005 model.

Block Image

(click on image)

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I will check everything later today and get back. Thanks for the diagram.


Power is not getting to the lights. The parking lights in liftgate work though. I’m not that keen on electrical work. Don’t know where to go next.



You could check if you can hear the relay operate and release in the fuse block under the dash by turning the ignition to ON (don't start the engine) and then selecting reverse gear and then back to park a few times

It only requires the ignition to be on and reverse gear selected to operate the relay for power to get to the lights.

If you can't hear it it could be the relay or the switch in the transmission that operates when reverse gear is selected or the wiring in between.

e.g. if you hear the relay operate/release when you select/deselect reverse gear means that the transmission switch is OK BUT not maybe the relay (faulty contacts?). Try to locate a similar relay (look at markings on relay) in the fuse block and swap it. (turn the ignition OFF before you do this) They usually only go in one way. If you hear it operate then it's the wiring from the relay to the lights. Check the junction box (wherever it is - trace wiring under/thru vehicle)

If you don't hear the original relay it could be the relay (swap it as above) or it could be the transmission switch or the wiring from the transmission.


I am pretty sure I can hear the relay clicking but not 100%.

I have looked for a switch anywhere on the transmission that could point to an issue but have yet to find one. DO you know of a switch? I have a video of a "Neutral Safety Swtich" replacement but I don't even see that on my transmission. Also, would likely be an issue with the car starting if that was a problem I would think.

Thanks for anything you've got!



With some transmission switches (not sure what type your model has), the switch has multiple sets of contacts, so depending on which gear is used i.e. P, R, N, D etc determines which set of contacts in the switch are used

If you hear the relay clicking when selecting/releasing reverse gear, then the transmission switch is OK.

It is the switch that operates the relay.

This doesn't mean that the relay contacts are OK though. This just means that the relay coil is OK because it operates so you hear the click as the relay armature hits the relay coil pole face. The contacts could be burnt out or the contact lifting actuator i.e. that is moved by the relay armature operating/releasing could be broken. The actuator closes/opens the contacts,

Did you try swapping/replacing the relay, you never said?

If it is not the relay you'll have to use a test lamp or a voltmeter and start chasing the voltage from the relay back to the backup lights. The voltage supply used to operate the relay when the transmission switch operates is the same voltage used to turn on the backup lamps. When the relay contacts operate they extend or "relay" ;-) this voltage to the lamps.


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