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Repair guides for the Mac Studio released in 2023. Available with the M2 Max or the M2 Ultra chip. Model number A2901.

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Is the SSD upgradable?

Can I upgrade the SSD drive myself or do I need to go through Apple?

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I'm afraid it's not possible to upgrade it at all: "The Mac Studio (2023) doesn't have any upgradable components onboard. The M2 Max and M2 Ultra silicon, along with the SSD and unified memory, are all fused together on one motherboard." (XDA Developers)

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While we don't know if Apple altered things, heres a more detailed rundown on the M1 Studio Mac Studio Teardown: No Upgradable Storage … Yet

To be clear Apple is not using a SSD here! It's just using the raw Flash chips within a module. The controller logic is within the M Series SoC.

Some people have managed to transfer the Flash modules of the same size between systems, but it's not something easy nor something I would even try! Mac Studio Storage Removable


@danj Very interesting, but sadly still it looks like it's not an easy upgrade...


@dinoo_fixit - It's not a user upgradable system for sure!

Each Apple storage option has custom data held within the Flash of the primary unit. Unless you have access to the correct data set you can't can upgrade. At best you can swap-out the given set with the same size.

Big Tim's motto is buy not upgrade! Unlike Steve who believed in user upgradability when practical. Here this is more of a way to build to the desires of the market place as this system demand won't be high enough to commit entire system.


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