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The Ram line was redesigned for the 1994 model year. Development on a second generation began in 1986, ending in late 1992.

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Why do my gauges cut out

I have a 2001 dodge ram 1500 and the gauges stop working sometimes than they will work fine for awhile then stop again

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Review right sidebar questions first. If nothing, electrical gremlins can be either easy to extremely difficult to troubleshoot. Search for Dodge Ram forums for owners sharing info. Youtube videos may help. Sometimes, ground wiring (battery to chassis, separate ground wires to electrical connections) and wiring/connections to the gauges become corroded and/or damaged.

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To add to what @notbroken had to say, if all the gauges are cutting out at once, you're almost certainly looking at a common power or ground connection issue. Look for the point at which all the power/ground connections come together then work back from there to either the chassis ground or the fuse box/battery.


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Old Chrysler products did weird things with a bad battery, including dancing gauges. I saw that on my brother-in-laws van. Have it checked at AutoZone or Advance Auto.

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