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Repair guides and support for small electric personal space heaters.

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BH&G Forced Air Space Heater stopped working at random

Have had a Better Homes & Gardens forced air heater for little over 2 months now and recently it decided it did not want to work anymore. Flick the switch to light function and the light flickers, while the motor barely moves the reflective pieces, and on heater function nothing turns on at all. I have already opened it myself, and everything looks fine, nothing out of place or loose, just some dust and hair here I cleaned out. Is this a power or switch problem? Or a controller or capacitor on the main board?

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Apologies, but the guy I was attempting to fix it for found the model number for it, and looked at the reviews on walmart, apparently these are common issues as well as a tendency to catch fire so he told me not to worry about and he would get a new one next time he went out.

Thank you for your time and response though.

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@derpdude32 fair enough and good choice of reviewing the purchase. We'll mark this Question as resolved


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@derpdude32 all of this "the light flickers, while the motor barely moves" sounds like a power issue. Check the capacitors and check the hating coil for resistance. Check to see if you can spin the fan motor easily by hand. Post some good pictures of everything wile you have it apart. That way we can see what you see and it might help to arrow things down a bit more.

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