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Digital Still Camera series W330 model of Sony Cyber-Shot Cameras released in 2010. 14.1-megapixel, 4x optical zoom, 3.0˝ LCD.

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Mera camera on nahin ho raha hai

Camera is not on please repeir it

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@harshprajapati start by replacing the battery. Make sure that the battery compartment door makes proper contact. If all of that is good and your camera still does not turn on, take a look at the circuit board and check for any missing or burned component etc. It could be an issue with the power fuses on your DC-DC converter.

F001 is a 32V 0.8A fuse and F002 is a 32V 2A fuse

Block Image

If the camera turns on but turns right back off, the error is most commonly related to a bad lens.

Use these guides Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W330 to work on your camera.

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