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Not all the bulbs light up

I have 423 addressable LEDS that I soldered (first time) together. I turned it on and everything worked. I then put the strip into the location I wanted and now only the first 50sih work. I have looked at all my solder location and everything seems fine. I do have a multimeter to help figure out where my problem is, but I don't know which function/how to use it. Any help will be amazing.

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@mitchellb75424 How are you powering the LEDs? If using an external power supply/LED Driver, what are its specifications?


The LEDS are powered via external source, 5V 2A. I know that since I had to re-solder some wires, I am sure that is the issue but as I don't know which ones are bad, I was hoping there was a way to test via multimeter.


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@mitchellb75424 The first thing I would do would be to check the voltage on the first LED. You can do this by putting the multimeter probes in the common socket (black probe) and V etc. socket (red probe). Set your multimeter to 20 VDC (V with a straight solid line and a straight dotted line) or just VDC (for an auto-ranging meter). Plug in the light strip and measure across the two solder points of the first LED that doesn't light up. What voltage do you get?

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I got 4.89 on the furthest strip.


@mitchellb75424 Can you upload a picture of the LED strip? Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag


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