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The Casio CTK-3000 has 61 keys (5 octaves), about 400 instruments, and a built-in metronome.

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No sound at all


Got a long unused CTK-3000 for my kid.

Unfortunately, no sound when:

  • pressing the key, nor
  • trying to play any song from song bank

Beside of that everything works fine:

  • display shows pressed key/note
  • notes are displayed during song playback

Of course, I did check if volume is set properly ;)

There is no sound when connect headphones as well. (And nothing in the phone socket)

Is it worth chasing repair or costs will exceed value...?

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Hi @sebastianwaloch

I couldn't find a service manual for the CTK-3000, but since the CTK-3000 and the CTK-2000 share the same user guide, perhaps there's not much difference between them. Hopefully not.

Here's the CTK-2000 service manual that may be worth a look

Go to p.13 (15 of 27 pdf) and run the Diagnostic tests and check if you hear sound at all.

If none heard then perhaps check if the fuse FU3 (see p.20) on the Main PCB M800-MDA1is OK

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Thanks for the manual and a hint

Will try look when got some time.


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