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Repair and additional information for the LG Refrigerator LFXS26596*, a 2018 model that offers automatic defrost and Wi-Fi connectivity, but does not include an ice maker or a through-the-door dispenser. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern LFXS26596*.

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Top ice maker fills tray with water but never freezes,

I’ve pressed the test button and everything works fine. it turns to dump ice , then fills the tray with the proper amount of water but never freezes the water.

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Hi @cdub2023,

What is the model number of the refrigerator?


LFX265965 /00

Its LG


It’s actually a LG model LFX265965 /00


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Hi @cdub2023

Here's the service manual for the model series.

Go to p.21 to view the procedure to check if there are any error codes.

If there is an IF E error code there is a problem with the ice fan motor or ice fan motor circuit. The ice fan circulates the cold air from the freezer to the ice maker. A feedback mechanism is used to detect a fan blockage. A fan blockage affects the ice making process

Go to p.38→p.39 to find how to test and check the ice fan/ice fan motor circuit.

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Contact Samsung as long as its an ice maker issue they will cover it under warranty. It does not matter how long it has been out of warranty, they will cover it.

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Most ice makers use a heater coil in the assembly to heat the ice cubes when they have frozen so they can be pushed out of the assembly. A temperature sensor in the unit signals that the ice is below freezing and initiates the dump and refill process. The heater is supposed to turn on briefly and then turn off after the unit fills with water. One of two things may be happening, with two different results. First, the temperature sensor may be bad, telling the unit that the ice is frozen, and if so the ice maker will keep cycling and refilling and dumping what it thinks is ice. Second, a set of contacts or a driver transistor may be shorted, keeping the heater on all the time. If you can, set a small container of water next to the unit for a few hours. If it freezes, the heater has got to be on... The temperature sensor may be a small item you can easily replace...

A hand-held temperature sensor can be used to monitor the temperature, but really, if water's in the freezer and not being heated it must form ice...

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Thanks for the response, I’ll try the small cap of water to see if it freezes. If it doesn’t freeze do you have any tips of why. My refrigerator has a bottom pull out freezer (with a second ice maker that is working fine)and somehow it provides the freezing air to the top ice maker , does it have a fan that blows the freezing air to the top?


Update: I tried to freeze a capful of water and it didn’t freeze. The main freezer is working great and is set at -6 degrees.


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