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Repair, disassembly, and troubleshooting information for the second-generation Apple Watch SE, released September 2022.

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Is Apple Watch SE replacement display compatible with Apple Watch SE 2

I have an Apple Watch SE 2 40mm and the display was damaged during an accidental drop. The display cracked around the perimeter and has popped out (leaving shards still adhered to the body).

I found the in-depth guide for replacing a damaged display for the Apple Watch SE, but nothing for the SE 2. It seems like removing the display is essentially the same process, but before I purchase the replacement part from ifixit I am curious if the display for sale on this website (Apple Watch SE 40mm) would be compatible with my SE 2? Does ifixit sell a replacement display specifically for the SE 2?

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Hi @azaadkb

ifixit does sell the Apple Watch (44 mm SE 2) Screen but unfortunately it is currently out of stock.

The Apple Watch (44 mm SE) Screen is not interchangeable with the SE2 screen

Check both links to see what model numbers are compatible with each screen. Scroll down to the item Description section on the right side of the page.

Apple Watch (44 mm SE) Screen Afbeelding


Apple Watch (44 mm SE) Screen


Apple Watch (44 mm SE 2) Screen Afbeelding


Apple Watch (44 mm SE 2) Screen


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