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Manufactured by Google. Released October 2018 and is a 2-in-1 detachable laptop tablet. Model number: GA00347-US

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What solutions are you using for screen adhesive?

Seems like an easy device to get into, but I don't see any pre-cut adhesive for re-assembly available anywhere. So I am wondering what people have been going with. Just manually cutting strips off a roll? Does anyone actually use that B-7000 glue on devices like this?

I always cut up pieces of 1 or 2mm wide double-sided tape on my Pixel C, that works great but it's an annoying pain in the butt that takes forever.

I picked up a pair of Slates, one really sweet m3 that got into my hands with 14 cycles showing on battery. The other is i7 128GB that's been a bit dented and beat up, so plan is to open em both an swap the faster board into the nicer tablet. I like to have some idea of what I need to have on hand before I open them up.

So many people hate this tablet that you can't even find parts listed anywhere other than the questionable Amazon battery. I am hoping it's a simple one to one swap between motherboards but the only teardown I can find is this marginal one on iFixit.

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Update: managed to break the screen of one tablet - had my new Anti Clamp and all was going fine when, well.... I dropped it. No excuses either, slipped out of my hand and put just enough strain on the glass. Looking around it seems impossible to find a replacement screen anywhere short of buying another just for parts. Ug. Been playing with multi-boot on the other tablet and have Debian 12 up and running just fine, was shockingly easy to do and it runs surprisingly great. Just finished compiling a fresh kernel so enable some audio support. Lot's of fun. I've been getting linux and making linux go on crazy hardware for like 20+ years now and it never gets old. Full Debian 12 with KDE Plasma desktop and it runs really well. I'm shocked.

Now all is on hold as I don't want to attempt opening the last good one I have without at least one new screen ready just in case. Don't want to be left without my new toy at all :(


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@kennethdechick If you don't want to get the pre-cut adhesive, I would recommend cutting strips from a roll of adhesive. The liquid adhesive might provide better water resistance, but it will make the tablet harder to get into in the future and has to have pressure applied to it for hours in order to work at its best.

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Thanks for the reply. Definately going with strips from roll. It is not that I don't want to go pre-cut, actually I do. The problem is you can't seem to get them.

It's amazing to me that you can't get any parts for this tablet at all. I need a screen badly right and I have done a lot of digging.

There is one guy on eBay right now selling the parts from one used tablet (minus the screen), and there is a cheap crap battery on the jungle site. That's about it. Found one single chinese supplier shows one in searches but when you visit it is out of stock with no eta. Questionably shows $75 for screen and digitizer - no way that's correct......

I don't even see more than one or two for sale that are broken, and both are cracked screen of course.


@kennethdechick I just don't think it was a very popular device, hence not a lot of incentive to make replacement parts. It was also discontinued in January 2021.


I certainly don't disagree, people do seem to dislike this tablet. Still though, what happens to devices more than screen breakage? There is no evidence to suggest that anyone has ever had even one single replacement screen.

Looks like I have to buy a third tablet if I want to get a replacement screen as there just is none at any cost to be had and for a 2-3 yr old device that just plain sucks. Thanks for making me feel like an Apple user Google!


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B-7000 would do the job mate. You will be perfectly fine with it.

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