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Flashlight with LED, laser and UV light.

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DOA, cannot open the chassis of the flashlight

I would like to know if someone can guide me through the opening open the flashlight's main body. I think that something came loose during transportation and cannot ship it back because it part of larger set. The flashlight's body seems as whole, dye cast, pressurized to assemply, alluminium. I really don't want to cast aside a $100 flashlight. If someone had a similar issue and could eventually fix it please post the know how.

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there are 3 AAA batteries in that so the bottom has to unscrew to change them. Grab the bottom and middle and twist hard CCW.

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I have already changed the batteries. Unfortunately this wasn't the issue. I think that something has become unsoldered in the main PCB of the flashlight, since none of the 3 functions that it has is working


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