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True wireless earbuds case battery

Hey repair friends,

I have some LYPERTEC Z3 Earbuds (Not the ones in the header! But I had to choose something!) . I love them, but the Battery in the charging case does hardly hold a charge anymore.

I opened the case, no problem. Found the specs of the Battery (Type: ETL 902535 , 3.7V 800mAh 2.96WH)

Does anyone know where and how to find a Battery to replace the original? That would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @jens65174,

Usually the number string on a LiPo battery denotes the dimensions of the battery.

Regarding the battery dimensions shown on a LiPo battery, the convention used in battery manufacture, is that the first two digits is the height (depth, thickness) of the battery, in mm (millimetres) with a decimal point between the two digits, but it is not shown, the next two digits is the width in mm and the last two digits (or sometimes three) is the length in mm, e.g. 902535 = 9.0mm height x 25mm width x 35mm length

If it is the same size as your battery, then here's a supplier. There may be others I didn't search too hard. ;-) Search online for 902535 3.7V 800mAH LiPo battery to find other suppliers that may suit you better.

Note: The ETL marking is a battery certification mark for the battery.

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Thak you for your prompt answer! Tis actually helped a lot! Thank you


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