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Repair guides and disassembly information for Honda Civic cars made between 2016 and 2020.

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2 driving light fuses fuses...why? Drive in theater trip

Trying to go to the drive in theater and I dont know which one to remove.... but...why is there 2 ?

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Hi @boldlyshy

When you say "driving lights" do you mean the Daytime Running Lights?

If so there is a fuse for the left side DRL and one for the right side DRL.

Just curious why you need to remove the fuses to go to a drive-in theatre? Why do you need the lights on at all when you're there? Can't you turn the engine off for some reason?

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So weird that one fuse is under the dash for one drl and the other fuse is under the hood for the other drl


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When I turn my lights off these LED strips come on . If I turn the whole car off the a/c and radio also goes off. Need both for a good drive in trip! The guy at admissions told me how to do it without removing any fuses! Lights on lowest setting (off) parking brake on turn car off and back on and those lights will stay off!

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