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Find repair and additional information for the KitchenAid KBRC36FM*0* refrigerator, a bottom freezer style model without an ice dispenser, featuring automatic defrosting and a door access for the refrigerator. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern KBRC36FM*0*.

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I can’t get the freezer below a constant 14 degrees f

The freezer stays at a constant 14 degrees F. No ice buildup, vents not blocked, ice maker works fine, and the refrigerator temperature is at a constant 37 degrees F.

Update (09/17/23)

We placed thermometers in fridge and freezer to ck the temperatures. Verified 37 for fridge and 14 for the freezer. Model #KBRC36FMS00.

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Hi @mary21564,

What is the model number of the refrigerator?

If you're using the refrigerator's display panel to view the freezer temp, try placing an appropriate thermometer in the freezer compartment to verify what the temp is, just in case it's an error with the display reading for the freezer.


We placed thermometers in fridge and freezer to ck the temperatures. Verified 37 for fridge and 14 for the freezer. Model #KBRC36FMS00.




I've answered below with possible causes to check


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Hi @mary21564

Is the compressor motor running continually trying to drive the freezer temperature down to 0°F or does it stop occasionally for a short time as if it seems as though the correct temp has been achieved, even though it hasn't before starting again?

First check that the freezer door seals are OK and that they're providing a good seal and not letting any cold air escape from the compartment.

To do this, place a sheet of paper between the freezer door and the door jamb, and with the door closed normally i.e. no pressure on it by you to keep it closed, try pulling the paper out. It will come out with a bit of an effort but not easily and it should definitely not fall out by itself. Do this at various points around the door, top, bottom and both sides. Also make sure that the door is straight and parallel to the cabinet in case of a hinge problem that is preventing a good seal.

If the seals and alignment are OK perhaps there is a problem with the freezer temperature thermistor (supplier example only)

If you decide to replace the thermistor, here's a video that may help. Search online for WP2188820 to find suppliers that suit you best.

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Thank you. I did the paper test as you suggested and it appears the seal is fine. And the compressor motor isn’t running constantly. will watch the video and see if I can replace the thermistor. Thx again!


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