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TI-84 Plus calculator support.

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Will this operate without batteries?

Received the calculator from someone for my granddaughter. No user guide or charging cord. I happened to have the correct cord from another TI calculator. I have no idea how to use the device but my question is can the calculator be used by being charged with that cord alone and with no AAA batteries inside? Also, should there be a light to show the device is charging? I’ve been charging the device for about an hour, no batteries inside, and no light comes on. Tried to turn on but didn’t come on. Thank you.

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Hi @joanofark

No it won't.

Here's the user manual

According to the user manual there is no rechargeable battery in the device and the USB port is only used for communications, not charging.

The device uses 4 x AAA Alkaline non rechargeable batteries and has an SR44SW backup battery to maintain the settings when the other batteries are being replaced.

here's the ifixit TI-84 Plus guide that may help regarding the backup battery although it is shown in the user guide on p.402 how to replace it

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I was wondering what the cord was for. So it’s definitely not a charging cord huh? Thank you.



See p.345 of the user manual - TI-84 Plus LINK

" The TI-84 Plus has a USB port to connect and communicate with another TI-84 series calculator. A USB unit-to-unit cable is included with the TI-84 Plus"


This answer is spot on. 👍

I'll just add that the TI-84 Plus has a Mini-USB port. Older TI-84 Plus models also have a 2.5mm I/O port that looks like a headphone jack.

Both ports are used only for data transfer to a computer, another calculator, or even accessories like the Orion talking module.


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