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A gaming PC is a personal computer specifically designed and optimized for playing video games.

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Monitor turns on, PC turns on, monitor no signal.

All cords are connected, it WILL connect signal after I shake my mouse and press random keys on my keyboard, sometimes. This isn't too much of a problem until I remember I've already spent MORE money replacing an earlier monitor that should've been top tier and the fact I don't have money for more. After a long day, I just want to do my schoolwork on a computer that I know wont have problems.

I'm not sure this will matter, but my specs are here.
CPU: Intel Xeon e3-1231 v3
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 980
Motherboard: Lenovo Sharkbay (not sure I got the right info for this one sorry)
Running Windows 10

I have an Onn Monitor link, and I have to use the display port. For some reason the HDMI ports wouldn't work.
My monitor also has an option to auto pick the input, I have to leave this option off because it will just cycle through all the options once or twice before deciding that once again, there's no signal.

As far as I know all my drivers should be up to date. I'm not great with the software side of computers, as I get scared I'll break something. The windows check for updates says everything is up to date in the drivers themselves.

I don't think there's anymore relevant information to add. Every time I try to google I get the 'have you tried unplugging and replugging?' yes, yes I have. Many times. The monitor will work PERFECT once its on, it just doesn't always want to connect...

Thank you for your time.

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Please plug out your ram and slowly rub its pins with eraser and put it in and checks it will works absolutely

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@cakepeace33 this "the HDMI ports wouldn't work." bothers me. I don't think that any off this comes from your monitor. I wonder if there are issues with the video card. Your Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 is a dedicated video card or is it an integrated chipset on your motherboard?

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@oldturkey03 Its definitely dedicated, my monitor is plugged directly into it.


@cakepeace33 so you are connecting it to the motherboard connectors. Did you build the computer (custom build) or did you purchase it like it is? For the HDMI not to work, it can't be very many things. The drivers are definitely on top of my list, but since this happens right from start-up it should not matter. Have you removed and reseated all the cables. You have had the same issues with the other monitor? Are you using a new cable?


@oldturkey03 Using a new cable, straight from the box, ive undone and redone all my cables multiple times through the times this has happened. With my other monitors the only issues were old age. I bought this computer secondhand, but I believe that it is still custom built.

My display port cable is connected to my GPU.


@cakepeace33 The HDMI not working and it being "flaky" on startup makes me think the issue is with the chipset/GPU. If you can, and I am not saying by one, but maybe borrow one etc. try a different video card. See if that makes a difference. Nothing fancy just a run of the mill card.

Just thought of something. Do you have a regular VGA on that board? Got a monitor with a VGA connector? If so, try that too.


@oldturkey03 I do not have a VGA connector on my monitor, but I have one on my PC. If I remember correctly last time I tried it didn't work, but its worth another try.

I have another graphics, a 2080 I believe, I'll just need to confirm it is compatible with my power supply. Thank you for the help, this info will definitely help me figure out what to do next.


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