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Repair information, service manuals, and troubleshooting help for refrigerators manufactured by KitchenAid.

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Why is water leaking under my freezer?

There is water leaking under my freezer. There is also ice accumulated inside the freezer.

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Hi @ddios,

What is the model number of the refrigerator?


Kitchen Aid refrigerator model# KFCS22EVMS2. I have had it since 2010.


I tried unplugging the refrigerator for a couple days to defrost the entire freezer, to see if the freezer drain was blocked by ice, but unfortunately, once we plugged the refrigerator back, a.week later we had the same problem.


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Hi @ddios

The drain tube may not be blocked by ice but by something else at the other end of the drain tube

You need to check if the drain tube is draining freely by pouring a measured cup of water into the drain tube hole which is below the evaporator unit in the freezer compartment and then check that all of it reaches the evaporator pan under the compartment near the compressor motor.

Here's a link that has a video that shows how to replace it if it is blocked and you can't clear it.

Here's the tech sheet for the refrigerator.

Get into the Service test mode and perform Service Test – 101 Defrost Heater & Defrost Circuit to check if the defrost thermostat is OK and also if the defrost heater is OK.

There's got to be a reason for the ice to build up as the auto defrost should keep any ice build up to a minimum

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Thank you so much @jayeff!


Hello again,

I tried Service test 101 and as I toggle up or down , I get OFF and CL only. No OP. What does this mean?



Best that I can work out is that the defrost heater is faulty, but I may be wrong.

Looking at the wiring diagram in the tech sheet, the diagnostic test applies power to the heater and it knows that the defrost thermostat is closed because it can detect a voltage signal coming back through the thermostat.

Next and this is where I'm not totally sure, it applies power to the heater and it waits for the defrost thermostat to open (due to the heat coming off the heater element) and this means that when before the thermostat was closed it detected this, it doesn't detect that the thermostat has opened when it should due to the heat, it has stayed closed.

It could mean that the thermostat is faulty i.e. not operating but this would mean that the heater would be on as long as the defrost cycle lasted, instead of being turned off if the temperature (as detected by the thermostat) was too high for the evaporator unit thereby protecting it from any damage.

But your problem is ice build up so that's why I think that the heater is not working at all and therefore the thermostat can't operate.

Perhaps the best thing to do, is to disconnect the power to the refrigerator and then access the defrost heater and disconnect it from the wiring harness i.e. unplug it, and then use an Ohmmeter to test if it is OK or not.

Here's a link to a supplier that has a video that shows how to test the defrost heater.

If it is faulty, the manufacturer's part number for the heater is W10825088.

Search online using the "part number only" to find suppliers that suit you best.


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