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The Game Boy released on April 21, 1989 in Japan, followed by North America on July 31, 1989, and lastly in Europe on September 28, 1990. It is characterized by a large grey casing and model number DMG-01.

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Why is my speaker quiet

Recently got this original DMG gameboy, it works great besides the built in speaker being SUPER quiet. The headphone jack works great and the sound from that is fine, but the built in speaker is barely audible. Im not sure if i should replace the speaker or if i should replace the capacitors as ive heard that can cause issues with sound as well. It is just the built in speaker that is quiet, the headphone jack works great. Any help is appreciated.

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@mike2021 replacing the capacitors on a 25 year old device is always a good idea, if you have done that kind of work before. Personally, for now I would just go ahead and replace the speaker and then re-evaluate.

Game Boy Speaker Replacement

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