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Problem to connect with wifi and hotspots

My mobile wifi connection is working very bad nowadays, i am not able to connect to any wifi connection expect "5GHz" connection, even it is not allowing me to connect with others mobile hotspot connection and I'm also not able to give someone my hotspot connection, even is connecting range is also seem too much short.

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Hi @rohit33152

Try using the phone as close as possible to the network WiFi router or hotspot i.e. <10cm, and check if there's a good, stable connection.

If so it may be a loose or faulty antenna connection in the phone.

Here's a teardown video that will help.

At 4:07 minutes into the video, you can see one end of the antenna cable as it is being disconnected from the systemboard.

At 9:02 minutes the other end of the antenna is seen being disconnected from the charge port board.

If the antenna is OK, here's an image of the WiFi troubleshooting flowchart, from the service manual that may help.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge)

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