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Cochlear implants are small devices that enable hearing for audibly-impaired individuals and are different from hearing aids.

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N6 diagnostic and repair

I have two Cochlear Americas N6 processors that are acting up. I'm pretty sure they are on their last breaths. Both just quit processing sound at various times but start working again after I try various things like putting in the dryer overnight or cleaning the contacts or anything else I can think of to do to get them back. But I think I'm on borrowed time. I need to keep these operational for one more year until I turn 65. Then I'll be able to upgrade to the N8 model. So, my question is; can you run diagnostics and repair the N6 processor?

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Hi @thomasfdowling

Do you mean a Cochlear Americas Nucleus 6?

Perhaps all it needs is to replace the rechargeable battery

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