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Tekpower TP3005T Variabele lineaire gelijkstroomvoeding, 0-30V bij 0-5A.

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In need of a disc capacitor.

On the main circuit board, there is a large black disc cap just above where the power connects to the board. Mine is burnt and I cannot read its value.

Block Image

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@johncentrone This is not a disk capacitor, it's an NTC. I will try to get its values from the markings I can see.


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@johncentrone as already pointed out, this is not a capacitor. It is a is a NTC 5D Thermistor. The lowest thermistor in D-5 series is a D5-5 and seeing the 3 as the last number, means that your thermistor is a 5D-13.

This STE NTC Thermistor has all the values listed for your Thermistor.

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