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Guides and repair information for washing machines produced by Samsung, a South Korean engineering and technology company.

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samsung pump wiring problem

model number WA85N6750B. purchased new. My pump has 2 yellow wires going to the pump following wires up I can get to a connection where 1 yellow wire changes to black. Which wire is active? on the pump connectors there are no markings for active and neutral, which terminal is active?

Update (08/05/23)

thank you that's a big help. Usually wires are brown and blue, I think this pump was replaced before we bought our washer looking at the amount of black electrical tape placed over the wires in places. Do you know the active terminal on the pump or doesn't it matter which terminal you connect the wires to? terminals are not marked.

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Usually in an electrical situation, the black wired cable is the live active wire

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Hi @jameswolf95073

It may depend on your location. Usually appliances are wired to suit where they're sold, as they need to conform to the applicable electrical specifications and regulations there.

For example in the USA the black wire is the Active and the white is the Neutral. In Australia formerly the black wire was the Neutral now it is the blue and the Active is now the brown wire, formerly it was red. In Europe the Active is the brown wire and the Neutral is the blue wire.

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