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Reparatie- en demontage-informatie voor de Nokia G42 5G Android-smartphone, voor het eerst gelanceerd in juni 2023. Het toestel kan worden geïdentificeerd aan de hand van de modelnummers TA-1573, TA-1581 or TA-1591.

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Why my phone is having charging issues

Hi I am having issue with my phone charger it keeps vibrating non stop when charging it keeps say unable to charge your phone your connection is too slow or you may have a incorrect phone charger please change phone charger that came with this device I bought this phone at Walmart and it came with the correct charger so I don't know if it a company error or a chip issue dose any known how to fix this.

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Did you change the cable?

I could be a charger problem.

Some troubleshooting tasks are in order.

Try a different cable.

Try a different charger.

Sometimes, a specific cable or charger is needed.

Of course, it could also be a phone issue.

Substitution is the best method.

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@emeryhaywa23416 You could also try cleaning out the charging port. Pocket lint can cause charging cables to make poor contact with the port.

Get a plastic toothpick or similar non-metal device and slowly insert it into the port and try to pick any lint out with the port facing downwards.

Be gentle to avoid breaking the pick or damaging the usb port.

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