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Repair information and guides for the 2015 Retina MacBook Air. Model A1534

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upon start, my mac flashing questionmark folder for several minutes

then i cant start my mac. iyt stay flashing the questionmark folder on the screen

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Was there anything specific that occurred prior to this error? The folder with a question mark error typically means that the device cannot find an operating system.

There is a whole troubleshooting page for this specific issue, but to start I would try to boot into recovery mode and see if your internal disk is still recognized.

Sadly these 12” MacBooks are known for a litany of issues due to its small, fanless design. A cooked SSD is one of them. So I would want to be sure that the internal storage is okay before going too much further.

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If the system is able to startup via internet recovery I strongly recommend you restart the system again but this time leverage the startup key Option (⌥) to see if you can select the systems drive if you can, let the system boot up and then open up the Startup Disk control panel and reset it to the internal drive to see if that fixes things.

Reference: Mac startup key combinations


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