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The first generation Forte shares the same platform as the Hyundai Elantra (HD), though employing a torsion-beam rear suspension in place of the Elantra's multilink design.

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Why my car engine suddenly stops accelerating and run on minimum?

My car's engine loose suddenly power and run minimum, I have to restart it to run normal.

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@anas95500 this "restart it to run normal" almost excludes mechanical issues. Those would not be resolved by restarting. It sounds like your Kia is going into Limp mode. Could be an issue with the ECM etc. I would go ahead and have the OBD II scanned and see which codes pop up.

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go to an AutoZone for a free scan


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I’m sure you check engine light is coming on also! Which means you will have to take it to the dealer for service.

Unless you just got a tank of gas right before this occurred. If so, you might have some bad gas.

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