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The OptiPlex 755 is an energy-efficient desktop computer designed for businesses. It was released in mid 2007.

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Blue screen with window has detected an error

It happend few days ago when i was playing games on my pc after downloading a complier for python and suddenly my game quit and a blue screen poped up with a long description the only thing i was able to read on that was first line"windows has detectef an error bluh bluh its shuting down"i got paniked and turned of circut board after few hours i turned it on again but it wasn't truning on i slowed that problem somehow but im not sure its solved or not so yesterday my frnd gave me advise to install a new window so i did it but now it happend again the screen poped up comp shut down but restarted perfectly now im worried plz help me!

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@usmanfayyaz it would be nice to see what the message was all about. If you installed a new version windows and it is still doing that, you need to most likely reformat your drive and reinstall your OS. Of course you know that would mean you will lose your files etc, so you need to back those up first.

Go into your BIOS and set boot order to a USB port. Did you try to boot in safe mode and uninstall your freshly downloaded "Software"? Get a malware/antivirus software and install that on a bootable drive. Then start your computer up and check it for malware / virus. Just to make sure

Get a bootable USB drive and start your computer from there. Then try to access your HDD and move your files to a different drive. Then format your drive and reinstall the OS.

Of course, this message could be absolutely benign but until we see what it say, it's hard to determine.

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