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Series connection how do I go about it

How can i connect 2 or more solar panels together

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Hi @inavelihall

Here's a link that describes how to and the reason for connecting solar panels in parallel, series and series-parallel connection.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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Connecting two or more black solar panelss together is a common practice to increase the total power output of your solar system. There are two main ways to connect solar panels: in series and in parallel.

1. Series Connection:

  • In a series connection, the positive (+) terminal of one solar panel is connected to the negative (-) terminal of the next panel.
  • This increases the total voltage while keeping the current the same.
  • Series connection is typically used when you want to increase the voltage of the solar panels to match the requirements of your charge controller or inverter.
  • To calculate the total voltage of a series connection, simply add the voltages of each panel together.

2. Parallel Connection:

  • In a parallel connection, the positive (+) terminals of all the panels are connected together, and the negative (-) terminals are connected together.
  • This keeps the voltage the same while increasing the total current.
  • Parallel connection is used when you want to maintain the voltage of your solar panels but increase the current.
  • To calculate the total current of a parallel connection, add the currents of each panel together.

Here's a simplified example:

Series Connection:

  • If you have two 100W solar panels with a voltage of 18V each, connected in series, the total voltage would be 18V + 18V = 36V, and the total power output would still be 100W.

Parallel Connection:

  • If you have the same two 100W solar panels connected in parallel, the total voltage would still be 18V, but the total current would be 5.56A (2 panels x 2.78A each), and the total power output would be 18V x 5.56A = 100W.

Before connecting your solar panels, it's important to check the specifications of your charge controller and inverter to ensure they can handle the voltage and current of your solar panel configuration. Additionally, use appropriate connectors and cables to make secure and weatherproof connections. If you're unsure or have a complex setup, it's advisable to consult with a professional solar installer.

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