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This is the 13th generation model of the Pentax Optio WG-2, which first came on the market in 2012.

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camera case exhitbiting sticky substance

My camera wasn't shown i have a PENTA W90 been in heated storage for 9 years the plastics exhibiting a stickiness is there any way to lean this?

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Hello! Unfortunately this is the end-of-life state for a lot of rubberized electronics, the rubber coating just turns back into goop after long enough, especially when heat and sunlight are involved. The best method i've found for removing it without damaging the plastic underneath is a LOT of isopropyl/rubbing alcohol, it'll take a lot of effort but it should get all of that gross stickyness off for good! :) @larrylewand4914

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I had a similar problem with electronics and found an answer that seems to work well.

  1. Clean the item as well as possible without damaging it with water and a single drop of Dawn or similar detergent. I found that a clean paint brush dipped in the water, shaken out, and aggressively brushed in the nooks and crannies worked well. Put a lot of effort into getting it super clean or dust and such will show up later. Let it air dry completely.
  2. This will be sprayed with aerosol shellac. Cover for painting using blue painters tape, rubber hose pieces for knobs, popsicle sticks/wooden matches/toothpicks/skewers for electronic connections.
  3. Spray with aerosol shellac using light coats until covered.
  4. Optionally if you want a matte finish (this helps hide any imperfections in the rubber) use clear Rustoleum aerosol matte.


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