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Released September 16, 2016. Models A1661, A1784, and A1785. Available in 32, 128, or 256 GB configurations in Rose gold, gold, silver, black, jet black, and (Product)Red.

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No image, screen is dark blue light

it responds to charging, there is sound, if you insert a SIM card and call, there is also sound, but there is no image on the screen, it only glows, we tried another screen and battery, as well as firmware, it didn’t help, what’s the matter, help me fix my apple friend

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Sounds like your display might be damaged or any light-related issues.


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The "dark blue light" is the backlight activating with no image data being received by the screen (so black). It is hard to know for sure because of photo conditions and etc., but that looks very bright for "backlight on, screen off", so I'm assuming full brightness on the backlight. Which is default if it receives no other signal. (During boot-up process, the Apple logo at the beginning is always full brightness and the rest of the black screen does look dark blue in some lighting.) Meaning if you do not normally have your brightness maxed out, it is likely not receiving any signal to the backlight either, only power.

If you have tried another known good screen, and got identical results, the most likely answer is your logic board has some kind of damage or possibly broken off components that are critical somewhere in the "processing image for display" to "sending that image to the screen" pipeline. That requires logic board microsoldering repairs. Very delicate and difficult, skilled work that is usually beyond our ability to advise in this forum. There are dedicated repair specialists that do this work, but depending on where you are located in the world it could be unavailable in your area and/or impractically expensive. I know in my area (Alaska, USA) there are no centers within about 1500 miles/2500 km, and sending it off to get a repair of this type usually starts at about $300 USD.

When did this happen? Did it happen when you did a repair of some kind, or after you dropped it or otherwise physically damaged it? Or did it just happen like you went to bed one night and when you checked it in the morning it was like this?

Does the touch function still work? As much as I hate to recommend landfilling a device, the most cost effective way for you to proceed might just be to backup your data (assuming touch function still works, you could likely connect to your computer, look up a tutorial on YouTube to see where the "allow" button is on your phone, and allow the computer to have access to your phone, from which you can use iTunes to facilitate a backup and save your data). This would allow you to move the data to another device at the very least.

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touchscreen is not work after replacing the battery i turned it on to make sure the new battery works, after i inserted the screen and tightened the screws from the bottom this is the problem


@cashgaming Ah, I see.

iPhone 7 Plus Vervanging van de batterij

The most likely answer is that, on step 20 of this guide when you disconnect the screen cables, you may have accidentally damaged or popped off one or more of the tiny delicate components that are between or around the connectors. If you look in this photo (, you can see little black and silver rectangles around both of the connectors on the logic board. Those are things like capacitors and resistors, and /many/ people just like you have found that they are very easy to inadvertently pop off during a repair. Doing so can make the screen completely inoperable until it is repaired, and that is not a repair most can do.

If you take it apart again, look very closely in this area to see if anything doesn't match the iFixit repair photos, and if any components are missing you have positive confirmation of why your screen is doing this.


@erelectronics all components are intact. then what could be the problem?



I will believe that you examined this under a microscope, as small details are impossible to see with the naked eye. Really, you can only see if something is gone or not, not microfractures in the solder that holds it down and makes electrical contact.

If all components are intact and no contacts have been broken, then the most likely answer is that you were not grounded properly and accidentally shorted something in that region. Using a multimeter with a fine tip (so as to not short something), test components in that area and make sure everything has the right readings. You will need access to a schematic for your model phone (you can find some by googling) to get the proper traces and readings.

Again, I have to emphasize that this is NOT an easy task and repairs of this level require specialized equipment and training. Not something that most shops can do, and definitely not most hobbyists.


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